Saturday, December 13, 2008


Last night, around 11:30pm, it started to snow. Connor woke me up this morning, saying, "It's snow!" and I half-expected to see a few inches covering everything, but it was only just enough to make a crust of snow on the lawn & cars - the road was just wet.

Well NOW it's really coming down in big, fluffy, flakes - these are the size of a silver dollar or bigger. I'm thinking it's not just gonna be a crust of snow in about 20 minutes...

Lee walked to work this morning - maybe he should have brought his Canadian Kamik boots?

I'll have to borrow a kid's camera & take some pix once Connor gets out there :)


Marybo said...

oh man i was talking last night to everyone saying that i wanted it to snow, and sure enough this morning casey and erin came running into the room and woke me and cj up screaming "mary mary its snowing!!"
its been snowing all day and we have a few inches :)
its still snowing too, and it doesnt look like its going to stop.

keeka said...

well, your snow is our rain, but hallelujah, at least it is colder now! Woot!

flyingvan said...

We got snow, then rain, then snow, then something the kids call 'splat'. It was snowing two streets up the hill and raining at the lake. I guess it was 'splatting' at our house. Wednesday the snow will be down to 2000' (we're 4,800) and they are saying 16" of snow above 4000'. Yay!

keeka said...

ok, I am cold now. I like cold, I just need to bundle up more. Yesterday it was not that cold so today I wore a turtle neck and a light sweater over that which for me is hot in my classroom, but outside...WOW, for us 44 is pretty darn cold! And it is now colder still! Whew! California winters!
Sorry about all you folks in the single digit weather, it would take me a while to get used to that!