Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


keeka said...

Hey did I give you that turtleneck? I was looking for that! Just goes to show you that when you have it you don't wear it and when you don't have it you want to wear it! Looks good on you too! I am glad you got a new camera! I am really liking the new Sony camera, but I will have to save up to get that one, it is still pretty pricey at $249.00. Oh well, I got "Dancing with the Stars" Playstation. Tried it out today too! Pretty funny!

Daniel said...

Picture comments...

1) I can't tell if Trevor is happy about the mini Master Chief or if he's just embarrassed about the random sparkly stuff in the crotch-ish region.

2) Conner looks very content with his Root Beer.

3) Diana looks way to excited about a game that came out 17 years ago.

4) Uncle Lee looks very thankful... and kinda tired (I wonder why ;).

5) and Aunt Tine looks very excited to receive her present. So excited, in fact, that she even dressed up for the picture.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

-oh and that guy, sitting on the wood chest, in the second picture, just to the right of Trevor, with the blond hair. Yeah, that guy's creepy.

keeka said...

that creepy guy is " the Dentist" We never did figure out his name since Rudolph sounds like he has a cold the entire movie.
"I want to be a Dentist!"

Tina said...

He's HAPPY - Diana gave him a set of 4 Halo figures & all night he was reciting lines from "Red vs. Blue."

Connor kept saying "Whoo hoo!" about the Root Beer. That kid loves Root Beer, especially if it's in a bottle. Too bad it wasn't as cold as it should be, because he had to drink the first two bottles very slowly or they'd foam up a lot.

Diana was more excited about her MP3 player (Zen Mosaic), but I didn't get a good shot of that.

Lee wasn't that tired... he did just get back from taking the kids to see the "world-famous" Festival of Lights. It's not like we could get out of that since it's a tradition :)

My camera was my big gift, so I am holding up the bath set I got from Trevor (lavendar & vanilla!). It's my own turtleneck, I didn't steal it from Keeka. And I always dress up for Christmas :P Those earrings were still too tight for clip-ons. Ow.

And Daniel, the surprise gift for Connor is a full-size Trampoline. It was too nasty out yesterday to put it up what with the snow & sleet, so we'll do that on Monday when Lee is off work again.

See ya Sunday!!

keeka said...

Thats ok, I must have stuck my turtleneck in a box somewhere. Too late now! I have to start packing away my Christmas sweaters now. The only ones I keep out are the snowman ones since we do snowmen in January at school. Yay, snowday! Pretend of course. We have a marshmallow snowball fight in our classroom.