Saturday, December 06, 2008


I thought someone would have mentioned the fact that there were two laptops on the table while I was making the stollen.

Both Trevor & Diana had homework to do, so I just had them move down to the end of the table & I tried to keep the flour from flyng their direction.



Lee said...

Computers at our house Odd?

keeka said...

Sorry, my eye was drawn to the delicacy being made on the table front and center!

flyingvan said...

Didn't notice the computers, but I did notice 'quark' as an ingredient. I assumed quarks would exist in anything you cooked, and didn't know you had to add one. I'm trying to imagine baking quark-free bread

Tina said...

In Nordamerika wird der dortige Käsekuchen (Cheesecake) mit Ricotta oder Cream Cheese hergestellt; Quark ist dort wenig bekannt.

In North America, cheese cake is made with Ricotta or cream cheese; quark is little known there.

It's a soft white cheese you can get in Germany. Works well in stollen.