Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting ready for Open House

On Sunday, we're doing our annual Open House to visit with family, friends & neighbors. We never know who will show up. We have done this every year since we lived in a rental on Ridge Street back when...

Since both Trevor & Diana are home from college, I gave them each a list of things to do around the house to help out. I still need to go and check how well they did - my level of 'clean' and their's can be very different - heh. I got all the curtains washed while Trevor was cleaning windows for me.

Today I'll try to get the last of my cards out, and tidy up around the house again. Tonight we'll do the final shopping. Tomorrow is the final cleaning day plus any final baking, dip-making, fudge making, etc. It's also the final decorating of the living room & tree. Busy! At the end of the day, I'll wash the floors. It's kind of my last thing before I fall into bed.

Sunday after church we'll set things out and see what the weather does & who can make it!

My favorite thing about Open House is that it makes me DONE a few days before Christmas. I can just focus on my family and enjoy the season once the Open House snacks are set out :)


Marybo said...

yay!! ill be coming back tomorrow, that means i can try to make it!!
is amanda going too?
i havent seen anyone in forever.

Re-Navy!! said...

*sigh* if only i could go. I've made it half way through my day :D!!

keeka said...

that was last night for me. Since my friend's son is in the hospital she is usually the one who has the ornament exchange at her house for the teachers, so I offered to do it here. It was a lot of work but luckily it is potluck and I only had to make two things. So now is my time to kind of relax. Although I am behind on my cookie baking so that will probably start today! Yay, but that is fun and I am looking forward to putting on my Christmas music and bakin' cookies!