Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Connor & the Bible

Connor really loves reading through Trevor's old copy of the New Catholic Picture Bible. It was given to Trevor when we lived in Garden Grove by his preschool teacher as a birthday gift. I think Trevor was five when he got it.

I like this particular picture Bible because it uses the old-style illustrations. They don't hold anything back - When Christ wears the crown of thorns, there's blood dripping down his face, etc.

This type of illustration is much better for Connor, vs. the cutesy-cartoony style illustrations that are more prevalent today. I'd have a tough time finding a cartoony bug-eyed illustration of Christ depicting His trials, like the scourging at the pillar. For Connor to understand things like "suffering" - the illustrations really do need to be accurately visual.

So the illustrations of Christ on the cross are rather vivid, but that's how Connor will learn about His suffering and sacrifice best.

However, last Sunday at Sacramental Prep class, they were working on the Annunciation (When the angel Gabriel tells Mary she's going to bear the son of God), the Visitation (When Mary goes to visit her much older, pregnant cousin Elizabeth), and the Nativity (which hopefully anyone reading this blog already knows even if they are not catholic).

The stories were read to the kids, and then the teachers brought out some dioramas with figures of the main characters in the stories. After the story was done, I took Connor over to the teacher to have him get a closer look at the Visitation. I pointed to the figure of Elizabeth, and showed Connor her big tummy. I didn't know if he'd gotten the fact that she was pregnant from it being read to him.

I said, (pointing to Elizabeth's tummy) "Connor, what is that?" I figured his response could be anything from "she's fat" to "Push the baby out!" But I was surprised.

He said, "That's the baby John the Baptist."

The teacher raised her eyebrows and said, "Boy, he really knows his Bible stories!" Hopefully it helped her see that Connor might not seem like he's getting stuff - but he is exposed to everything we can get for him, and he *is* getting it.


Re-Navy!! said...

omgh!! that is so amazing!! it is so great to see him just blossom! go connor!

keeka said...

That is pretty cool! He does really retain a lot of what is taught! Great Job, Connor!

flyingvan said...

I suppose Lee would know if it's been done before, but has anyone ever done a graphic novel form of the New Testament? Comic book format, maybe dark like 'Batman'. It would sell

Tina said...

Lee said there are a few that have been done by Christian companies, but they don't really go anywhere.

Carolyn actually found a Manga version for Diana. It's interesting, but they use different names. I haven't checked how "dark" it is.


timmer said...

it's a common misconception that people with communication difficulties are stupid.

flyingvan said...

I agree. It's also a misconception that great communicators are necessarily smart. Mrs. Gump had it right---'Stupid is as Stupid does'