Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stressors & Relaxors

Flying in a plane. Jobless hubby. Dad being very ill. Teachers wanting to move Connor to a different school. Son in college not figuring it out fast enough. Daughter involved in something way cool, but stressful nonetheless.

A fun trip. Finances are 'okay'. Dad hanging on way past what was thought. Support from other district folks to do the best for Connor. Son is getting better. Daughter will remember this experience for the rest of her life, and it will help move her along even more than she was doing on her own.

I need to keep exercising & eating right. Laugh a lot (good thing I married Lee). Have some chocolate or wine now & then. Play with Connor.


Mary said...


keeka said...

mine? Two kids in Christian school that we have a hard time affording, house is deteriorating, dad ill, don't know what job I will have next year, allergies rampant in family...
Relaxers? Knowing my kids are in an excellent school, the house is still standing and we have one, dad is feeling ok right now, I have a job! Benadryl!

Mary said...

you should tell diana that i want the lamb video on youtube.

i would be much happy-o