Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

My parents celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary yesterday.

They met when they were both staying at the home of a lady who rented rooms to young German people in Montreal. My mom was a temporary guest, while my dad was one of the original tenants.

My mom was only there for 3 months or so, and then she had to go back to Germany. My dad worked until he could afford to go back to Germany, and they got married there in my mom's hometown (which Diana got to visit last June).

They wound up going back to Montreal, starting a family, and then when I was six, we moved to Southern California. We lived in Orange County for the next 25 years, and after Lee & I got married, my dad was about ready to retire.

On a visit to friends in British Columbia, they discovered a really nice place to build a house, so that's what they did. After Diana was born, my mom & Carolyn moved up to Kelowna, and my dad finished up his job until retirement. Once he moved up, Carolyn moved back down.

Since then, their home has been our vacation destination every summer. They live in "Canada's Hawaii" with a lake monster & everything. Just a beautiful place to be.

So happy anniversary Papi & Mami! We love you very much!


keeka said...

Yes, Happy happy! Glad I finally got to talk to you both! Lot's of love on your special day!

prestoffcenter said...

That's neat.
And a cool note for the history books too.

I haven't done much Canada. Sounds nice.

Hi Keeka


- Rob said...

It's always great to see someone set a bar to try to reach. Your parents gave us a very memorable gift for our wedding. I see that gift and their ongoing anniversaries as a challenge and a reminder of how to do a marriage correctly.

Please pass along my congratulations.