Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cup of Snow

Connor loves ice. If we go to a restaurant, he starts right in on the glasses of ice water with a spoon.

At home, he wanted ice cubes in a glass to chew up. He's very good about asking for a "glass of ice cold water, please."

Our friend, Sue, mentioned it might be due to an iron deficiency. There's also a condition called Pica, in which people eat non-edible things (paper, dirt, etc. which Connor has also been known to do - tho not so much lately).

I have added a multi-vitamin to his routine (when I remember), and if he's asking for ice water, it's a nice verbal reminder to give it to him if I've forgotten.

Then I looked at his teeth. They aren't cracking, but it looks like he's developed little craters in his molars. Maybe they were always there, but I'm thinking chewing chunks of ice daily probably isn't helping the teeth.

I mentioned that to Lee & he found our little food chopper, and we started making crushed ice for Connor that way. I don't like to use the machine as much though, because the ice cubes stick and then you're grinding the engine, etc.

Then I remembered Carolyn had given me this handy Pampered Chef ice shaver (or I bought it? I can't remember).

So now instead of "glass of ice cold water, please," Connor will say, "cup of snow, please!"

Everybody's happy!


keeka said...

Go eat snow, Connor!

Aunt Myrna said...

All my children have deep craters in their molars. It's just the way they developed. Having the dentist seal them was/is very important to prevent decay, no way to brush well enough that deep----fyi

Re-Navy!! said...

i love connor

prestoffcenter said...

Iron deficit?

Can I use that excuse?
What about the added tequilia, limes, and a rim o salt?


Aunt Myrna said...

Hey, about the iron defieciency possibility---I caught just a bit of a radio show the other day. The gal talking was Julie Matthews, she is a nutrition consultant working extensively with Autistic children & their families---with apparent success---
Her web site is

Tina said...

Thanks Myrna! I'll check it out & add it to my Autism links. :)