Sunday, April 06, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

On Friday, we were invited to attend the Breakfast of Champions at the High School. Connor & Diana were both off school, and I got the early part of the morning off since we wouldn't have students in my classroom either.

The breakfast was an opportunity for teachers to honor the students who had done an exceptional job. Teachers were asked to describe their students in three adjectives and then give an example. The students then chose a type of applause for the audience to give them - most chose the "Hobbit clap" which was three claps then put your hands up to your head, wiggle your fingers and in a high-pitched voice say, "blellelelelelelelelelle."

We had Bagel Tree bagels & donuts (Connor ate three), juice, coffee, etc. It was a nice breakfast. It would have been a bit better if the staff had gotten the message that it started at 8:00, instead of 8:30 as was posted on the school calendar. So we didn't get as much of a chance to visit with Frau Bahr, Diana's teacher. The photo also shows Erin, who was also recognized by Frau Bahr. Erin went to Germany with Diana last June too.

We were very proud of Diana for being singled out this way for this recognition. The other way our high school recognizes students is "An Evening of Excellence" which Trevor got for Math a few years ago. Either way, we're proud of our girl!

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Re-Navy!! said...

go diana!!!!! thank u tina....erin also won homecoming queen...a band geek did it!!!