Monday, April 21, 2008

Connor likes Spongebob Legos

As most of you know, we are having a "thing" at the house for the next few weeks that I'm not at liberty to discuss in my blog (so if you know what it is, please don't refer to it in comments or I'll have to delete!).

In any case, due to the "thing," there are times when we need Connor to be quiet in a different room than the living room.

I had found a Lego set for Connor and hidden it away to give to him at his birthday. His birthday came & went and I totally forgot I'd hidden this Lego set!

So Diana remembered it, and we were able to pull it out for Connor to assemble to help him stay quiet & busy. The first time I helped him figure it out, but since then he has taken it apart & reassembled it about 5 times now. He only needs help if he can't get the pieces apart now :)


keeka said...

Hey Cool! We have that one! We have the Chum Bucket, Mrs. Puff's boating school, The Krusty Krab and the bus!

Rocky said...

Legos are your friends I'm finding out. And I shan't mention the thing, but Am wondering if there is an end date as I wanna see Iron Man soon LOL

Tina said...

May 17th.

But we do have Camporee the following weekend, then Graduation is June 8th.

So you might need to squeeze in a weeknight vs. weekend?

Rocky said...

There is that, on the other hand if we wait till June, then we can use Sue's free movie passes she got from the VA. Besides Sue is working this Saturday, Next weekend we'll be in Cali, then the weekend after that Sue is working that we shall see.

Re-Navy!! said...

omgh!! my bad....i want that lego set!!