Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More on Trevor

The new term has started and he seems off to a good beginning. He is still solo in his dormroom (but keeps the other side clear or he'll be charged for a single room). He said another student on the floor above has already gone through three dormmates (!!!) but since his first dormmate left, he hasn't had any new ones. I told him to check and make sure he's not being charged for a single. I would think there would be some kind of paperwork involved, so I doubt he is, but it's good to be sure.

He got A's in his two Civil Engineering classes last term which is great - that's his major. He'll be having a study group on a regular basis for his new Civ class this term - also good. He is utilizing the free tutoring for his other classes now.

The only hiccup in this term? He was hoping to do an archery class for his PE. Turns out the archery range is 30 minutes away by car. I'm thinking, hmmm. It's a campus right next to the high desert. How hard is it to set up an archery range facing the desert? Oh well. I don't know if he could have taken the bus, but he's going to just do the regular on-campus PE option instead. You go in, work out, check off your time & turn it in at the end of the week. He did the same thing one summer at the YMCA to fulfill his obligation for PE in High School. That should work out fine as long as he remembers to turn in his time.

Trevor seems really happy at OIT. He has made more friends there than in pretty much all his other years of education combined. Whenever we drop him off at the train or bus station, he already knows kids he can hang out with on the ride back to school. I think that's way cool. He really feels he belongs there, and that hasn't been the case with Trev since he was young, I think. It wasn't a huge deal to him, but I know he feels comfortable at OIT, and that's a huge deal to ME.

I also tried to take archery when I was at CSUF. The first day of class I noticed I was the only girl, and all the guys looked like they were only there to understand their AD&D elven characters better. I only say that because they were all stereotypical nerds. :P And this was before I'd met Lee and & played AD&D myself, and still thought of myself as somewhat cool (ha). So I withdrew from archery & did something else.

And I became cool after I ran a Girl Scout troop. Ask my scouts.

I also became a nerd, but that's a whole different post.


Re-Navy!! said...

Tina you will always be cool in my eyes....no matter how much you play WoW or read anime....and stuff like that lol j/k j/k....anyways its cool....i am glad that Trev is doing well ...but if he meets another girl...ooohhh.... i just hope he does seomtime soon....or he might end up not getting married at al...being a 40 year old virign..which they make steve carrell out to play...oh god....j/k j/k....i would totally love it if you send me blueberry pie!! i just dont know how well its gonna end up like...gucky....

- Rob said...

We are glad that you embraced your inner nerd!

Sounds like Trevor is finding his place in the college crowd. Having a supportive peer group makes a big difference!

Aunt Myrna said...

Yeah for the boy!!! What a great thing to find yourself comfortable in your own skin, and those around you.

I'm sharing your relief and joy, and proud of my nephew----it's a huge step!