Friday, April 11, 2008

Nerdy is as Nerdy does

There are a lot of things I like to do that could be considered nerdy. I can't blame my husband completely, since I was already on the way into nerdiness long before I ever met him.

I had a pretty typical childhood, I think. I really enjoyed reading & drawing (could be nerdy) and I especially liked Fantasy or Science Fiction (definitely nerdy). I kept my Barbie dolls around for a long time, although toward the end when I was 16, it was really more to make the clothes than "play" with them. Still, having Barbies in your room at 16 would have to be considered nerdy.

I wore glasses & braces, with my hair in ponytails. After age 14, I got on the chunky side. That just can't be considered cool.

I rocked on our Atari playing Gunfight! I beat everyone in the family. Nerdy.

When I got old enough to babysit, I had some money to spend here & there. I saved most of my money, but would allow myself a little bit to spend. I spent it on comic books - mostly Spider-Man (Amazing SM, Peter Parker the Spectacular SM, Sensational SM, and Marvel Team-Up). I also liked Spider Woman, Silver Surfer, Cloak & Dagger, Dazzler - those all were introduced to me in the Team-Ups. I didn't really read any of the teams except the odd X-man book. I didn't read anything but Marvel either.

I would go to Danber Drug by my Alpha Beta and get 3-5 comics and a bunch of candy bars & go home and read & eat. About this time I discovered it's possible to be so captivated by what you're reading that you don't notice you've eaten your candy. I switched to Bit-O-Honey then so at least it would take longer to chew, and I wouldn't feel like I had missed out on tasting the candy. Sounding pretty nerdy here...

I really, really had to work to learn to dance. Lots of time was spent in my room trying to figure out the beat and how to move. I used the reflection in my window to see what I was doing. It took me until I was 16 to get it. Again, nerdy!

My favorite movie for a very long time was Star Wars. I collected the bubble gum Star Wars cards for all three movies. I still have them. NERDY! I wish I still had the Luke Skywalker 11.5 inch "action figure" that I got from Carolyn one year. Oh well.

I created a comic book character (Bolt). I can count all the dates I had in high school on my fingers. I attended one so-called party. I was either an extra or background choir for our theater productions. Nerdy!

On the cool side...

I traveled to Germany 3 times, and could speak German fluently.

I went on a cruise in the Caribbean for a week & was the 'date' for the one guy my age (and 6 other girls).

I did figure out how to dance, and was even complimented on my dancing by stangers numerous times.

I went out on dates after I started college.

All this before I met Lee :)


keeka said...

Not so sure about you "getting" dancing, hehe. Just kidding, you dance fine. Try going through life with the sister that dances the sister that sings and I was the sister, what was it I did? Comic relief....again before you met Lee. : )

Lee said...

Since I have known her, Tina can Dance, Sing and be funny. True Triple threat there.

She likes comics, plays wow and puts up with me. No wonder I love her so much.

Re-Navy!! said... be honest thats the first time i have seen Lee tell you he loves you....almost a shocker to me...but of course EVERYONE that meets you lvoes you....your everything anythone can want...i love having you as another adult i can consult too and a girl scout leader to look up to lol