Friday, May 05, 2006

Still to do...

We need the pizza certificate from Pizza Schmizza, the Beauty College shampoo & set coupon, and Wildlife Safari. I think I have the rest of the prizes. We can't get Cold Stone Creamery because the guy's printer won't work...

My own troop needs to work on their act & props today. They will spend the night. One of my 4 girls has mono, and if she's not at school today yet, she's not able to do the show either :( We'll miss her if she can't make it.

Another troop leaders & some of her girls will come by tonight for dessert & to help stuff bags with instructions, evaluations, & maps; and the prize bags as well, with McDonald's coupons, event patches, and whatever else there was.

Tomorrow morning Diana & Amanda will work more on the Public Service Announcement, and I will separate prizes and set up how the judges decide who gets what.

I will collect all the stuff we need for the day of the show, and then I think I'll take a long, hot, destressing bath. I will dose myself with valerian & melatonin and attempt to sleep.

Sunday at 11:00, they'll let me in the theater. Troops will start arriving at noon for their run thru & directions, at 2:30 we open the doors for the audience and the show starts at 3:00.

I'll have to let you know how it goes. I'm still breathing, tho my heart rate is a little jumpy.

I am accepting positive prayers, wishes & vibes - so send them!!! I promise I'll use them!!


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keeka said...

Good luck and our prayers are with you! Tell Diana and the other girls, "break a leg!"