Friday, May 12, 2006

Field Trips

Connor wants to go on a trip. He was already prepared to drive all the way to Canada on my birthday (it was a 2-hour drive to the Oregon Gardens). Right now, though, we have no plans for a trip (there are 22 school days left!).

We'd do a little weekend jaunt, but Lee's schedule has recently changed, and he's working Saturday & Sunday now. I really don't like taking Connor off somewhere new without Lee's support. Connor has gotten a lot better about not running off, but dang, he moves fast and I'm basically running the entire day.

Even when we visit family, I need to keep him in sight at all time, since he really isn't safe indoors. He likes being outside best, but again, unless they have a locked yard (no one does but us), Connor can escape too easily.

So, until we can go somewhere else, I am trying to hang out in the yard with him a lot at home. I am struggling to free my strawberry plants from the weeds (it's coming along) while Connor digs a "dirty volcano" next to me in the veggie patch. Or else he's looking for wormies to put in the compost. Either way, as long as he gets outdoor time, he's not asking so much to visit someone or go on a field trip.

He will, btw, get to go on one on in June when his class goes roller skating. We will also go to Canada at some point in the summer - depending on Lee's schedule.


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Rocky said...

We are not that far away from having a locked yard ourselves, so you'll have another place to go. So when can you come visit?