Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Over!

I survived the Talent Show! This photo is of the girls onstage after the show, while they were waiting to get their prizes.

We had a total of 20 acts perform, 11 troops and 9 solos. Only the troops were judged.

From what I heard from audience members, it was a really good show. Of course, that was Lee's parents, and what else are they going to tell me? Lee said the quality of the acts was definately up from the last couple of years (when we didn't have any prizes). I did see a LOT more costumes and choreography than we'd had in the last few years.

This year we had a lot of solo acts. I liked the length of the show this year, so I would probably have to ditch some solos if more troops decide to participate next year.

Mostly everything went pretty well on cue for the actual show. The tech kids from the High School did a really good job at keeping up and there wasn't a lot of lag time between acts.

Two of my girls were EmCees, and they were kind of corny with their jokes, but I think they did a pretty good job of chatting between acts. They tried at one point to interview me, but I said NO THANKS!

For next year: I'm going to make sure my laptop "talks" to the projector much sooner than 15 minutes before the slide show is supposed to start (we had to reboot and then it was okay).

I'm going to go ahead and match prizes with troops by size for the judges. It will save time while everyone is waiting for their prizes. If I group the troops & prizes together by size, they only have to match the "better" prize to the best of that size category. As it was, one of the prizes was a shampoo & set at the Beauty College. That went to a group of Brownie scouts who had done a cheer to the Safety Dance song. The leader came to me after the show and asked if we could change the prize. The girls had all been in tears just getting their hair done for the show!! Also, the leader who works for the Umpqua National Forest had gotten us 2 nights of camping. And that's what the judges awarded her troop! So I had those two switch. The Juniors will probably have more fun at the Beauty College, and the Brownies can go camping.

My own girls won a scrapbooking party and a 3 gallon (Ice cream counter size) tub of Umpqua Ice cream Our local ice cream has won national awards for quality & flavor. It's really good ice cream. So my girls will have to decide what flavor... My favorite is Espresso Madness, but I'm guessing they'll go with Cookie Dough or something like that.

I still need to go through the evaluations and do the bookkeeping part of this whole thing. I think the ticket sales were enough to cover the expenses. It might be pretty close though. And I need to send Thank You's to all the people who helped out. But I can start that all tomorrow. For now, I'm going to relax a bit. I think I deserve it!

My troop's "crash through" banner, which worked really well onstage. I didn't get a photo of that though - but it's on video!



- Rob said...

Congrats on making it through! Getting to the end of a big event like this is always interesting. The adrenalin high is carrying you through to the collapse afterwards.

Sounds like you did a great job bringing the event back from a lull. Good work!

Tina said...

I seem to be okay...

Diana is sick today though. She may have mono, since it's going around the High School.

It's a bummer getting the "kissing disease" when you're not ever kissing anyone.. Or maybe she is??

(Diana says, "Ew. Yuck. All the boys I know don't bathe enough.")

Lee said...

thank goodness its over