Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Talent Show update again

Today I have a meeting with the HS theater teacher. He has a student who will be our tech person for the Talent Show. I will give them a tentative plan of the order of acts, and we'll have to talk about things like whether they can do a disco ball & stuff like that.

So far:

I've ordered insurance for non-girl scouts (needed at any event where the public is invited.
The patches for "Talent Show" should be coming in any day.
We have about 12 solid prizes for the troops, from ice cream parties to Ice Skating & Swimming parties.
We have former GS leaders lined up to be judges (still need to work out a scale for the actual judging)
We have tickets to sell, but I still need to see who will be selling the tickets.
I need to get a couple of black t-shirts for our 'bouncers' (Lee & another dad) to make sure people don't bring food in - that's been a problem in the past.
The programs are set to be printed on Friday.
I'll need to create an evaluation form, and we need to bag up patches & any coupons or whatever we get from McDonald's etc.
I'm still collecting music for acts, and then I'll create a master CD to use at the show (plus an extra copy, plus all the originals....)
I should be getting a slide show to play before the show starts & during intermission soon. It was almost done last I'd heard.

I still have a couple of contacts for prizes to follow up with, but I think we're covered now, so anything extra goes to the girls helping backstage and doing the EmCee stuff.

My own girls still need to practice their own act more. We don't have the props all together yet (but they are pretty easy). Two of my girls will do the EmCee duties, so they need to get their script together for that. The other two girls will be creating a PSA type video to teach "how to be a good audience." The video part is ready, but they need to polish that up.

Anyhoo - still lots to do, but we have acts lined up, we have prizes, and the theater will hopefully be able to do what we need.

We are all volunteers, after all, so hopefully if the whole thing falls apart, people will be understanding!


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Lee said...

I saw'r the act. It needs some dialog slowed down and some more staging.

Personally I would have them run through the whole thing 20 times in a row for blocking.