Sunday, April 09, 2006

119 boxes sold

That was in 2 hours in front of Wal-Mart. She had a little help from the girls in the troop that had the time slot just before us. They were good at asking in unison, "Would you like to buy some sweet and mouth-watering Girl Scout cookies?"

Between this booth and her pre-sale stuff, she's sold about 242 boxes now. Her goal was 350 - then she can get the "H20 Water Transporter" bottle and the little test-tube shampoo & conditioner holders in a nifty fold-up toiletry bag. And yes, all our older girls noticed immediately that "H20 Water" was redundant. She'll also get a light rope (shades of dancing at Black Angus!) and a towel & other things. She's not so keen on the puppy dog purse.

We still have enough cookies for another booth sale, but probably not enough Thin Mints & Samoas. So I'll have to get more of those before our next sale on Saturday. If Diana wants to do another solo booth, she may make her goal. Otherwise, she'll have to make do without that H20 Water bottle!


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