Friday, December 04, 2009

What's wrong in Anaheim?

Why can't the Ducks get out of the funk they're in? They are the BOTTOM of the whole Western Conference. There are a couple of Eastern Conference teams with less points but, c'mon!

Isn't anyone yelling at them? That's the way you do it in Hockey Land. That's what they need & expect.

In fact, I'll bet the kids in my classroom would benefit strongly from being on a hockey team. I can't tell you due to confidentiality what happened in my classroom this week, but I can say I'm glad this week is almost over. I'm looking forward to the weekend!! And baking stollen!!


keeka said...

Yeah, use that experience and beat that dough!!! hehe. I need to make stollen too I guess. Oh wait, I have the food chopper to take out my frustrations! : )
I hope no one got hurt?
Are you ok?

My behavioral problem did great this week! No impromptu hitting, kicking or slapping. A good week!

shoo said...

I've been yelling at them. In fact, this Saturday night I am going to go yell at them in person.

Last game I went to we lost to the Kings! I can't remember being so embarrassed since Froggy grabbed my butt!

shoo said...

Oh yeah, and what is with you a Ducks?