Thursday, December 03, 2009

Civil War History

Today the University of Oregon Ducks will play the Oregon State Beavers to see which team & band will go to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Year's Day. This is the first time in the history of the state that both main teams are playing against each other to get to the BIG prize.

Every time they play, it's Civil War, but now it's amped up to the nth degree. The whole state will be wearing either Green & Yellow, or Orange & Black today. Oh, sure, there are a couple of platypus out there (duck bill with a beaver tail), but for the most part, people will cheer one or the other.

Rose Bowl tickets were already on sale at Thanksgiving & tickets for today's game can be found selling at $500 each (at least). No one I know with tickets is selling them :P

Hopefully, no one is unintentionally driving toward Eugene, OR this afternoon - because it's gonna be nuts!

GO DUCKS! (I have to say it - my daughter's a Duck!)


Re-Navy!! said...

GO DUCKS! WHOO! I was a platypus and than when diana went i figured hey why not? So i am now a ducks fan! PLus my husband is one too! WHOO!

Tina said...

So I actually watched the game - wearing my new Ducks hoodie (I wore it all day).

It was really close, and the Ducks came back after halftime to win. And the fans flooded the field and the Donald Duck mascot was lifted over everyone & passed around.

Ducks are coming to Pasadena for New Year's Day! Go DUCKS!!!