Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open House 2009

We had a pretty good turn out. We never know who will come, since we invite people from everywhere we go. I don't know anyone else that does one, and I get the feeling a lot of people don't know what a holiday Open House means - like they think we're going to sell the house or something... Anyway - we had 23 people come through and visit, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves :) We have extra food left over, but everything keeps anyway, and that just means we're ready if anyone drops by :)

This year we had cranberry salsa & strips; potato chips & onion dip; veggie platter & ranch dip; crackers & sourdough with spinach dip; Trevor's fudge, Diana's spritz cookies; Mohn & Almond stollens; lebkuchen; cream cheese with jalapeno jelly (kind of a dip) and of course, Rice Krispie Treats (because that's Connor's favorite).

There was regular & decaf coffee, tea and also hot spiced apple cider on the stove. We opted to use our own coffee mugs this year vs. paper cups, but I wound up washing them three times, so I think we'll go back to cups next year.

After everyone left, we celebrated 3rd Advent & opened gifts people had brought (which is just very sweet). The house looks great & the next thing is just Christmas cards & family gifts. W00t!

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keeka said...

Good for you! Did you get my package yet? Where is my Stollen?
Ack, it is almost Christmas!!!
I'm not ready yet!
Am I a little stressed? Yes! That is why I took a few minutes to sit at the computer and catch up. Sigh...ok back to work.