Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy 2nd Advent & St. Nicklaus Day!

I have 4 stollen in my kitchen. My house smells very almondy, with a small hint of PineSol from the wall & cabinet cleaning. Oh well.

When I was in Canada over the summer, I stopped at a German deli with my mother. They had poppy-seed filling in a can, like a pie filling. I used to sell poppy seed cake when I worked at the german bakery in Old World, and it was one of my favorite cakes. It's a LOT of poppy seeds. If a poppy seed muffin can mess up your drug screening for opiates, you'd better not eat any of this stollen if you're applying for a job.

One almond stollen is for Carolyn - no raisins or citronat or any of that. Just a 3 cups of ground almonds worked into the dough. It's really good tho :) The other one will be for Open House next week.

One poppy seed stollen is for the Open House as well, and then the other is just for our family to enjoy during Advent. Or maybe it will just be me... heh. I'm okay with that!


keeka said...

Let me know when you figure out how to make a half and half stollen. I would like to have that please! : )
I am really looking forward to getting my stollen.
Oh and just on a side note...are you SURE Lee wears a medium? Maybe our mediums are smaller than yours? Just making sure! I got it at Target so if it doesn't fit, let me know and I will bring a larger one up when we visit and I will give the MEDIUM to Spencer! Tyler doesn't even wear a medium!

Tina said...

He's sharing shirts with TREVOR. But if it makes you feel better, T-shirts are fine a little big too so go ahead & get him a Large if you want :)


Rocky said...

You make the best stollen! When is the open house this year? We're staying here this Christmas (Happy Dance). We're still trying to figure a time for the girl's 4th Birthday Party (it will be on either Sat (19th) or Sun (20th), but other than that, we're open.