Saturday, December 12, 2009

The plan for today

Lee went shopping & got all the stuff for the Open House last night, while Diana & I helped at a Girl Scout Christmas party (we showed the girls how to make candy cane reindeer).

House cleaning in the AM (kids getting kicked out of bed at 9:00). I'm glad Diana is home to help. Lee gets in on the cleaning action today as well, since I need some stuff done that takes elbow grease. :)

In the afternoon, we'll be making the dips & baking. Trevor's making his fudge, Diana's baking Spritz cookies & since I already baked before, I'll just have to do the Rice Krispie treats. I'm also making that AWESOME cranberry salsa! Yay! Lee likes to make dips.

Tonight we'll decorate the tree. It's in a bucket of ice right now in the back yard, so Lee gets to break it free today :)

A few more final touches (like putting candles in their holders) and we're good to go!

Now I'm gonna eat breakfast & crank the Christmas tunes - Wheeee!

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keeka said...

I had to go in to work today to clean up from the Gingerbread decorating and decorate. I was a little late due to the fact that Carl had a touch of the flu (lasted 2 days only thankfully) and didn't go up and get all the decorations down. So today I went in and listened to Christmas music and decorated and wrapped the gifts the kids are giving their parents. Monday(late one week) we get our tree from Home Depot and decorate the house.