Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yard Stuff

This was our Sunday project.

We dug out all the grass & stuff that had grown along the wall here, & put in the stone border & filled it with bark mulch.

This is the deer in the neighbor's yard. They eat the bottoms of those juniper bushes - ha.

This is the area we're working on now. I've been moving my strawberry plants over to the planters & we're making little beds for the planters to sit.

This area gets a LOT of sun, so we're hoping it will be good for the strawberries & maybe some tomatoes. The stepping stones are so I don't get too wet in the morning when I water before work :)

Lee put the shelf in on Monday. It will be for whatever else - more strawberries? Flowers? Herbs? I haven't decided yet :)


keeka said...

Hey, I recognize the little wood stool : )
The yard stuff looks nice. Someday you should work on that back patio room so it all looks nice! Of course I am one to talk!
We still have a hill of dirt in the back! Our patio looks great but the view is awful!

Lee said...

Our yard is just too damn big to wrap our heads around for what we need to do. So we are picking a spot and making that nice then moving to the next.

So it is several little projects over time.

Re-Navy!! said...

No matter how big it stil looks really nice! I agree with Lee there is a LOT to do! BUt like i said it is strating to REALLY come together!

flyingvan said...

What politic agenda is attached to your garden? Are you protesting genetic modification frankenfoods? Making a statement for sustainability zones? Trying to decrease your carbon footprint? Or just against the giant food corporations?
Maybe I oughta read your blogs first and Bob's second.

keeka said...

Good one, Steve...LOL!