Thursday, May 28, 2009

Samoas vs. Caramel deLites

Everyone but Trevor preferred Caramel deLites (from California) vs. Samoas (from Oregon). This is kind of a big thing, since Samoas are my favorite type of GS cookie!

The Caramel deLites seemed to be a bit more chewy, and they had more of a milk chocolate, vs. dark chocolate.


I also took the CA Thin Mints to my Service Unit Leader Meeting, and we compared them to the OR Thin Mints. The CA Thin Mints again had lighter chocolate, and the edges were a little scalloped. They also were just a little smaller, which meant there was another serving of 4 cookies in a box that weighed the same as the OR Thin Mints. And the Oregon Thin Mints were definitely 'mintier' than the California mints.

The reason for the differences is actually that Girl Scouts uses two baking companies for their cookies across the country. Oregon is with the Little Brownie Baker company, while California is with the ABC company. The Thin Mints name is the only one registered to Girl Scouts. The other cookie names are from the bakeries, hence the similarity of the cookies, but different names.

And there's your Girl Scout history lesson for the day. :)


Re-Navy!! said...

oh yes caramel delights are so much better...

sry oregon....

keeka said...

Glad to hear you got your cookies!
Gol! Thanks for the heads up!
Glad you enjoyed the comparisons!

Anonymous said...

Over a year ago I looked in to this and ended up making this map:
It's pretty interesting to see which areas of the country chose to go with each cookie supplier.