Friday, May 29, 2009

Connor - Student of the Month!

Wednesday morning as I'm going through the papers in Connor's backpack before we leave for school, I find an envelope addressed to Lee & me.

Turns out Connor was being recognized as a Student of the Month for his Perserverance, and his Artistic Ability.

Both Lee & I were able to get time off to attend, which was way cool.

Connor did very well with his peers, and it was nice to hear all the "good job, Connor!" and "Way to go, Connor!" comments as he made his way to the little risers.

Here's the video!


flyingvan said...

I like his shirt. Have one very similar, actually, made by the same neat lady.

keeka said...

He had a look at one point that said..."um, so this is what?
Great Job, Connor! What a proud moment for you guys!

Rocky said...

hurray for Connor! Hurray for Connor!