Friday, May 08, 2009

The actual event - Communion

It was a very nice day - my Mom & Connie had come down from Canada on Friday (LOOONG trip!), and we had the family over for dinner at our house before everyone went in to church for 5:30 Mass.

We filled up a whole pew - Lee is sitting in the one behind ours to talk to Myrna.
They had Connor walk down with Itzel, a little girl with Down's Syndrome. I would have put them with a typical peer partner, so that someone could coach them if necessary. As it was though, they walked nice & slow, stayed next to each other, bowed at the front, and then didn't know what to do next. There had been a table at the rehearsal right where they bow, but it got moved back so they were at a loss. The kids that came behind them told them what to do instead, so it all worked out.
You have to click on the last two photos to see Connor receiving the Body of Christ, and the Blood of Christ. For those not familiar with our Catholic traditions - that's a wafer of bread & a cup of wine that have been transubstantiated into Christ during the Mass. They still just taste like bread & wine :P
Connor is already excited for next Sunday Mass, when he can take Communion again - "No more just Blessing!!"

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