Monday, May 25, 2009

Try Outs

On Friday, I went to see a local production of a show called "Nunsense." It's a cute 5-woman show about a bunch of nuns trying to do a talent show to raise money. Diana's friend was one of the cast, so on Saturday evening, Trevor & Diana went to see the show as well. In the back of the program was information about a casting call for "The Producers." I was kind of hoping Lee would be interested in trying out. Community theater is fun, altho it is a good chunk of time you need to dedicate to rehearse & perform. In any case, Lee was not all that excited about being in a show, even though it's one of his favorites.

So I asked Trevor & Diana what they thought. Diana has had the community theater experience, but she was in Kindergarten at the time. Trevor has only just gotten to do some drama in Jr. High - but he has an awesome memory & knew the lines for everyone in the productions they did :)

Looking at the rehearsal dates & show dates, I realized if we're going to Canada for a chunk in June, Diana would not be able to do the show. She's set for the summer with her financing for school & her apartment, so she doesn't need to work. Trevor, however, has already been volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club. He is really looking to get some kind of work, so he would most likely be sticking around home anyway. Typically, the rehearsals & such happen in the evenings for these shows.

We eventually went & got Trevor signed up. He was supposed to bring some sheet music to sing. Trevor has a very nice singing voice, but he hasn't done anything to develop it. He decided to sing "Still Alive" which is the epilogue song for the game, Portal. In the game, it's sung by the AI program, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System). The pianist had a harder time following the tune, but Trevor just continued singing unless they stopped him. They also checked Trevor's range. When he was done - the rest of the people trying out applauded :) Still Alive by the songwriter

Next they had to try the dance audition. Dance Audition??? There was nothing in the casting call information about a dance audition!

So here's Trevor, on stage with 9 other people, trying to follow the choreographer in a tap dance routine. For those not very familiar with our son, lack of coordination is a marker of Asperger's Syndrome. I would not have encouraged him to try out for this show had I known the choreographer was so ambitious! The dancers (in their jazz shoes & flowy attire) were having a tough time keeping up! But I was so proud of Trevor for being up there, not giving up, and attempting as best as he could to follow along. He didn't fall off the stage or step on anyone, so we're gonna call it good.

He's only trying for a chorus part anyway! They want 50 people, it's all male except one female role, and I estimate there were 25 people (both sexes) trying for the roles. There was a number to call for call-backs this morning for principle roles (which didn't include Trevor) but that's fine. In the message they said they will let the chorus folks know later. Since the choir guy thought Trevor had a nice range & could stay on key, there's a good chance he'll be selected. Plus on the application, he put that he speaks German :)

I'm hoping he gets in (chances are good) so that I can see him on stage. I missed that with both of my kids in High School - both Lee & I did stuff like that, and I'd love Trevor to have the experience :)


Lee said...

Very proud of our kids. They have excellent follow through.

- Rob said...

Good luck to Trevor. Good to hear that he gave the dancing a try. I'm sure that I would similarly fumble around in that situation. We'll be watching for an update about Trevor joining the chorus!

Re-Navy!! said...

VERY PROUD of trevor myself! i tired for a musical in high scool. Couldnt do it. So go trev for trying!

keeka said...

yeah, I agree! Even if nothing comes out of it, it was an experience to remember I am sure!
I had a good laugh last night while watching "So You Think You Can Dance." Carl was on the computer playing Team Fortress and I am watching this Czech guy talking about what a great dancer he is and that he is a Data Recovery Engineer! Hehe, I knew before I saw him dance that he would be a typical "white boy" dancer. Tina, you know what I am talking about! I called Carl over to listen to his job description and we both had a good laugh!