Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talented Daughter Thing

Let me know if this works for you - I already have an account on the art website so it loads for me immediately. I'm hoping it just goes straight to the game without making you create an account...

Dress up Doll game

Diana made this.

Pretty cool, huh?


Re-Navy!! said...

omgh thats amazing! she comes dressed though but its still so cute! i love the outfit choices as well....i didnt get some of the other stuff like little marks. for my non-anime life style it took a little focusing to realize what was what, overall a cute little thing! go diana!

- Rob said...

The link worked for me. The girls should have some fun with this.

Lee said...

Worked from work. Some of the layers makes it difficult, I have no idea what makes what on top of what for what reason.

Still looks great. You can put eyes and a mouth on the stomach, cuz they are aliens and thats how they roll!

Tina said...

It's blocked on my work computer - which is a shame, because I would have liked to share it :(

keeka said...

Ok, Carl wanted to know....boy or girl? If it is a boy, weird choice of clothing and if it is a girl, can I put this?
Undershirt needed? Or maybe a bra?
I wouldn't exactly let K play this without one or the other. But very cool! Loved the expressive eyebrows and mouths!

Tina said...

It's a boy.

The weird clothes are because in Manga, the girls & boys look so much alike, the artists often use that in their themes - the characters disguise themselves as the opposite sex for part of the story.

Also, this is a child. Even if it was a girl, it wouldn't need a bra.

Finally, this is something Diana made for a friend of hers - if it were her own character, she would have used an undershirt :)

Rocky said...

omg omg this is cool. Even Sue's parents liked it. Great work Diana.