Monday, September 01, 2008

Vince's Home Construction

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We had not seen Vince & Kelley since we went to visit them in Glendale before they moved to their current home, before we moved to Oregon. So it had been a while.

It was wonderful seeing them again at the reunion, and since so many of us are blogging now, we twisted Vince's arm, and lo & behold! - Vince is blogging!

He has done a great job on showing his BIG home construction project using a lot of Preston-narrated video, which is just way cool. I only have photos from our room addition. I'll take a cue from Vince & video next time & let Connor do some talking :)

Since he just started the blog recently, he has dated all the construction from last year forward. So this stuff is all prior to the reunion still.

So I spent my Labor Day morning, sipping my coffee, and reading & watching all about Vince's Labor!! Go Vince!

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Vince Moore said...

Thanks for the Great Plug!
You gave me a nice warm feeling seeing your comments on y home blog.