Saturday, September 20, 2008

I like

Today we drove up to visit Diana at school. We took her to lunch, got her more undies & socks (the washer/dryer setup isn't done yet), and found a geocache on campus. General visit the kid at college stuff.

Before we left home, the van was low on gas, and I needed to fill up soon. Gas in town was $3.75/gallon. I checked last night, and found pretty much everyone north of us was less expensive. I don't know why it's so much here - it doesn't make sense. Whatever the reason, I'm going to keep buying gas out of town whenever I head up to Diana.

How much did I pay in Creswell, OR?



flyingvan said...

How far did you drive to save 42 cents a gallon?
Places where gas always costs more--- Near colleges, amusement parks, beaches, super malls, and airports by the car rental returns. Cheaper spots are highway stops with a station on each corner, inner city areas, and english as second language areas. I can cross the border and get gas for $2 but it stinks like sulfur

Tina said...

The station is right off the I-5, you're still on the decline from the overpass when you turn left at the light to get into the corner station.

Roseburg doesn't have any of the aforementioned amenities. We just have expensive gas. It's been talked about in our newspaper for the last month, and no one seems to know why.

Cresswell is about 45 minutes north of us. It's 15 minutes south of Eugene. That's the town with the big colleges.

Go figure.

Re-Navy!! said...

i disagree steve...on my way home off of I-5 there was this plce that charge me over over 5 dollars for gas!! we had to get it because we were realy far from the next stop but it was ridiculous!!! here on base it is nothing its like psch i dont know i dont drive but its cheap :)....glad to know diana is doing well...she got a blog maybe to foloow? except her manga thingy