Monday, September 22, 2008

Connor Funnies

On the way home from church yesterday, I'm driving past the house where the little white "horde" truck parks. It's not there tho.

All of a sudden, Connor yells out, "For the Horde!" Yes, I had to laugh.

Then when we were getting ready for dinner last night, I noticed a large deer walking past the driveway. I told Connor, "Hey, look outside, there's a deer there."

He opens the front door, and yells, "Hey Deer! What are you doing there? It's dangerous out there!" Lee & Trevor heard and we all laughed. He's right, you know!


keeka said...

you know, you should have Diana draw a comic strip, kind of like the Calvin and Hobbs series but you could call them Connor Funnies!
Distribute it just to friends and family! Yay, Connor!
Tell him Tante Keeka says Hello!

- Rob said...

Great idea - I vote for the Diana-produced Connor comic strip!