Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Briding to Adult


Yesterday I realized that hey - it was Tuesday, and I didn't have a Girl Scout meeting!

On Saturday, the last of my troop bridged to Adult Girl Scouts. This is a rather rare event, actually. I think many more Boy Scouts make it up to that level vs. girls, and that's just kind of due to girls being girls, and the differences in the programs.

In any case, Amanda & Diana were there for the ceremony. Mary's dad was ill, so she had to miss it :(

The leaders did the flag ceremony - I don't know that I've ever even done one before!

The moms were supposed to write a little thing up about how they had watched their daughters grow in their girl scout years. I had a hard time writing about JUST Diana, since as the leader, they ALL felt like MY girls! I think I did okay however, altho Amanda's mom had recounted some of the same experiences since the girls were in the same troop.

Also bridging to Adult was Katelyn, who put on the Day Camp over the summer with Amanda. All but Diana had been scouts since Daisies (I didn't know there was anything with girl scouts in Kindergarten, since it didn't exist when I was in school), so they got a daisy with their bouquet of roses. Very nice :)

Afterwards, we had the girls over to watch the Terminator. Since their time as girl scouts was terminated. Okay, no. It was because Lee had rented it for our kids (sans Connor) to watch, since they'd heard about it but never seen it. Katelyn's friend was a little scared, but once she saw how dated the effects were - she was fine.

And we had ice cream :)


keeka said...

Congrats Diana! Wow, I wonder if Kaleigh will ever make it that far!
She missed Daisies too and Brownies (except for a few badges she earned as a Juliette). I guess a lot depends on the leaders and the other moms that participate whether or not a girl will continue in GC. By the way, Briding to Adults?

Tina said...

They are no longer GIRL scouts, they are adult girl scouts.

Amanda is starting a Daisy troop and a Senior/Ambassador troop. The older girls will work on their things while they teach the Daisy girls stuff.

Pretty ambitious!

Diana & Mary can go along on camps, etc. as Adult volunteers now.


flyingvan said...

The best 'bridging' ceremony is where they get this red hot cauldron with a glowing lion on one side and dragon on the other.....

Re-Navy!! said...

i am crying because i wish i could have gotten that far!! i was one year short...i wouldnt be able to go as far as the whole back to daisies but at least i was there for a few years!!! omgh....congrats girls you know i am proud!!