Friday, September 19, 2008

Girl in College

Lee brought Diana to Eugene on Monday.

They had to wait 3 hours to get her all signed in for her unit for her quad apartment. She's living with Froggy's daughter, Tia, plus two other girls. There are four rooms that share a kitchen/dining area. Each room comes with it's own bathroom, TV, air conditioner, and heating. The monthly cost is actually cheaper than the least expensive dorms on campus - however, these quads are on a year-lease, vs. just school months. Diana will have to have a job to cover rent over the summers.

All the units in 8 buildings were renovated over the summer, which is why it took so long to get in. Instead of the usual 25% new tenants, it was 100% new tenants.

There are still a few things to fix, like there's no drain cover in the shower, or TV yet, or internet. Diana is hoping the internet is fixed first. In the meantime, she can jump on wifi around campus, but she's not in the comfort of her own room.

We are going to visit her tomorrow, and figure out what she still needs and hopefully fill in any stuff we can.

I'm purposefully not mentioning her school, because of the MTV thing. We've actually gotten a fan calling the house (some kid from New Jersey?), and I'd rather not have anyone stalking her at her new school!

This week was move-in for those quads. Next week is the "Week of Welcome" with lots of stuff going on for the freshmen & new students at the college. The following week, classes will start. Oh boy!

And I apologize for the lack of photos. It's why I haven't been posting much. Stupid camera.

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Re-Navy!! said...

omgh diana's in college and so is mary....i'm in tears right now.... it sucks knowing that they are growing up....and i'm just their best friend i wonder how you guys feel!!!