Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Stuff

School is out! W00t! I'm hoping with a little break from job, kids, etc., I can feel a little renewal and relaxation.

Diana graduated on Sunday, of course, but she had a couple of assignments to turn in on Monday, since she'd been gone a couple of days in New York the week before school was out for her. Lee & I had discussed the impact the "thing" might have on her grades before we signed the contracts, and we figured even if she dropped to B's in the second quarter, she'd probably still be okay with the grades from the first quarter of this last term. The B's she has are high, so hopefully those will wind up less B and more A in her semester grades... She doesn't have a huge amount of plans for the summer other than working four days a week, and updating her comic online ;)

Connor had his last day of school on Tuesday. It was a pretty cold and windy day, and didn't feel at all like the beginning of summer. He enjoyed the Field Day anyway, and is looking forward to our Canada trip coming up.

I had my last work day yesterday. It wasn't much of a work day though. We just cleaned up and such, and eventually checked out for the summer. I am the only regular staff member working with our students over the summer. It's only a 4-hour day, 4 days a week, but at this point, any income is good! Even if Lee was working, I'd still work summer school, because Connor will be there too.

Tomorrow we'll be driving out to K. Falls to get Trevor and all his gear. Whether or not he goes back in the Fall, he still needs to empty out his dorm room completely to check out. We'll bring the truck to get him, and all of us fit, so Diana will get to see the OIT campus for the first time tomorrow. Connor has already been there once with Lee.

Lee continues to hunt for something to do that pays money. In the meantime, our lawn looks great, he's keeping up with the weeds pretty nicely, and the dishes all get done completely every day. He's looking as far south as Medford, and as far north as Corvallis. If he gets something north, it would have to be really good to offset the gas/living/whatever expenses. We have family in Medford, and he could probably figure something out with their help if he had to stay a while. Even if it's parking a trailer (which we'd have to get still). In any case, our town really isn't offering up anything right now.

We're still plugging along. I am working hard on not stressing, and trying to "let it be." I keep hearing that song all over, and I think it's a message to me. I'm not going to change anything by worrying.

I'm extremely grateful that Diana seems to have all her Ducks in a Row (that's a pun - Oregon Ducks). The scholarship she earned will pay 90% through undergrad, and 80% graduate studies. She's going for the Master's right off the bat. Plus with the "thing," she's got contacts already in the business world :) Everyone involved in that was genuinely interested in seeing what Diana could do. I think she won't disappoint.

So welcome to Summer, enjoy it!


Rocky said...

We're still have our fingers crossed that Lee finds a great job locally,in the mean time, if any of you all (yes even Trevor, lol) wants/needs a bit of extra cash, I REALLY need some help with our yard work. When Diana was doing it she did it in an hour for $10. I'm offering $20 flat for mowing and extra for other yard work LOL.

Oh, now that school is out and the "thing" is in post production, we can we see you guys? We miss ya.

flyingvan said...

How funny....We noticed at graduation that, without exception, the parents of the students that were doing really well were really looking forward to school getting out. The parents of the lower performing kids were griping about summer and 'losing their freedom'.

keeka said...

Wow, too true Steve! My kids and I were all really looking forward to Summer! Kaleigh got straight A's even in Math although that was just barely! Cole did really well too! He doesn't get letter grades yet (that starts in 3rd grade) so we were all very happy to see the school year end! Of course we get excited at the beginning of school too! Tina, my co-workers and I are all praying (thru the summer) that Lee finds something, and like you said there are times we just have to "Let it be". I am a worrier just like Mom and have to make a physical effort not to worry. It still comes through sometimes. I found that if I can fix something that I do have control over, it helps with the stuff I have no control over. Like if I am worried about my job (something I don't have much control over) I try to get a handle on cleaning in the house (something I have control over). That is what I am doing all next week, getting the house back in order!

Tina said...

Thanks. We were lucky in that we were able to refi our mortgage, even tho Lee lost his job during that time. It saves us a nice chunk.
Then we got our tax refund & the stimulus check, which helps as well.
We're okay on his unemployment for a while yet.
Things I can control? I'm taking a vacation. :P Hopefully in Canada I can just relax and not think about other stuff :)