Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Family Grad pics

The cord & extra tassle are for National Honor Society. Diana got all her service time in at the Halloween Haunted House. She was the only one who went every night they were open.
She was also the Treasurer for the ASTRA club, the Junior version of ALTRUSA.
And, of course, she was the President of the Japanese Club for the last three years at the high school.


- Rob said...

Thanks for posting the photos. It's been around 10 years since I saw Lee's parents - they don't look like they have aged at all!

Where were the outdoor pictures taken? I don't remember that view from your house.

Tina said...

That's in the front yard, at my planter by the living room window. It's just at an angle, instead of facing the house.

keeka said...

very nice! Diana deserves all the good attention!
Love to All!!!