Monday, June 09, 2008

Diana's Friends

Fellow graduate & girl scout, Mary.
Fellow graduate & J-club VP, Corrine, aka Curry Sauce.
Fellow graduate and German 4 buddy, Amanda, aka "Eva."
Can-maybe-read as-fast-as-Diana, close friend, Cherinee (she graduated last year in Trevor's class).
Amazing great friend, Navy Nae, who drove all the way up from San Diego just to be here for her sisters in girl scout's graduation (nod to Justin for coming with).
Renee graduated early last year to be able to join the Navy - but these graduates were her classmates through her education.
Many thanks for wearing your dress whites. I was also incredibly proud of you, along with Amanda & Mary, and of course, my fabulous daughter!


keeka said... can't believe it!
It is hard to believe all the years that have gone by! I know I will have to deal with that in what seems like a long time from now, but I know it will be an eyeblink away!
Congrats Diana and all your friends and way to go Nae, you look really snazzy!

Re-Navy!! said...

thanx keeka!!! glad i could do so much to make it great!!!