Friday, June 06, 2008

More Diana

She had her last day of school yesterday.

Today was Grad practise. Afterward, she went to lunch with friends, other seniors enjoying their freedom. She had to go to work for a bit, and then came home.

Diana is graduating in the top 10% of her class. She received an engraved plaque and she'll be sitting in the front row of graduates to acknowledge her achievement.

She also received a medal for passing her Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM). I think she's one of the last classes to get it. In case you never heard of this (because your kids aren't old enough or whatever), when Clinton was in office, the all-knowing government decided to create an award to show you'd mastered High School. I know what you're thinking -- isn't that called a diploma? The CIM standards are higher, though. They're like a diploma that goes to 11. So Diana is one of 53 students in her class that are getting the CIM.

What does that mean? What does that help her with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No educational institution acknowledges the CIM. It's pretty much worthless. But hey! She got it!
She has been accepted at U of O, and she's working on getting the housing. I thought we'd be trying all summer to find her a room to rent because the dorms are all full this year. Then I got a call from Froggy's daughter. Chiarra is also starting at U of O, and she's trying to get Diana into her quad unit housing right next to the university - it's a 4-bedroom unit and one bedroom was still open! Jen & Krista are both sending her stuff for her room (we don't know what yet..).

We are pretty damn proud of our little girl. Honor Student, Girl Scout, Leader, TV star (okay, that's a stretch), and all-around great person. I'm soooo happy that things are falling into place for her. She really deserves it!


Rocky said...

The next thing to happen is a voice over that says, "Diana, what else would you do for a Klondike Bar?"

Seriously, we are so in awe of what she has accomplished in the time we have known her. You guys must be busting at the seams.

prestoffcenter said...

Wow- Even I am happy for her and proud.

I am also a bit embarrassed that I haven't seen her in how long?

keeka said...

no the true test would be, "so Diana, you've saved someone's life, traveled to Europe, graduated from H.S., been on TV, what are you going to do next?"

and the answer is.... "I'm going to Disneyland!" hehe!

Tina said...

Are you paying? Is that her graduation gift from you? Lol.

Actually, the weekend after the gathering in August, she's going to the Anime convention in Portland. She's WAY excited for that. And to go to a University right off the bat.


keeka said...

cool, sounds like a plan!

- Rob said...

Congrats to Diana and the parental environment that supported her!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in August. We were working on a project last weekend getting ready for the reunion. It's coming up quick!