Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy 19th Birthday, Trevor!

Looks like Christy wants the ice cream...

Here's hoping the coming year is a little easier than the last. It was a rough year at college, but this year he won't have all the added new experiences of having to take care of himself, do laundry, budget his time & food, etc. He should have figured all that stuff out now.

Over the summer he's taking an English class to catch up a bit from last year. He ended the year in good standing, and that's something we weren't sure he'd be able to accomplish! Yay!

It was a nice day, if not a little on the warm side, but we went to see Wall-E during the hottest part of the day, and we had dinner at Red Robin & people sang to him.

We are waiting to feel a little less full before we break into the cake.

I hope Daniel's baptism went well today. It should have been a good day for getting dunked in a river, much better than last month, anyway! Congrats to Dan!

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Daniel w. said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! It was plenty hot enough to get "dunked". We got some of the smoke up our way. Which made it very muggy feeling. Thanks