Monday, June 09, 2008

Diana's Graduation Ceremony

I dropped Lee off at the school at 12:15, and he was able to get us these great seats in the first row behind the handicapped seating area.

Renee wore her white Sailor uniform & looked great!

At the ceremony, we had Lee & I, Myrna, Doug & Daniel, Donna & Jim, Cherinee, and Renee & Justin. Great show of support for Diana!

Diana was sitting in the first row, with the top 10% of her class.

She's in the middle of the photo, about the 2nd to the last row of blue chairs.
Here the names of the top 10% are called, and Diana is a little short, so she's kind of hard to find. If you click on the picture, she's looking at the camera :)
Here's my girl scout, Amanda, in line for her diploma. The kids were seated alphabetically from the back to the front, ending with the students in the front row.
Diana is in line for her diploma here. If anyone thought the "thing" would change her -- not enough. She's one of the very few girls who graduated wearing slacks. :P

The traditional mortarboard throw (after you remove your 2008 and National Honor Society tassles!). Don't bother looking for Diana in this one - she's in the crowd somewhere.

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