Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Time for a Haircut

Connor's not a huge fan of haircuts, but he's gotten SO much better than when he was younger.

He still doesn't like the shears, so I do a scissor cut for him. As long as he can watch what I'm doing, he'll let me go for quite a while.

So in these shots, he's sitting on the bathroom counter with his feet in the sink right after having had a bath.

In the second shot, he's pretty much ready to call it quits, so I said we'd be done after 20 more cuts.

Then he dutifully counted each snip from 1 to 20, and then we were done. I probably could have finished in 10, but I gave myself some extra room to fix mistakes.


flyingvan said...

Is there a thing about autism and mirrors? My nephew Vin spends lots of time looking at himself in a mirror

Tina said...

Kids with autism tend to be very egocentric - they are in their own world more than in ours.

They also tend to be very visual learners. Mirrors are helpful to let them see themselves more as others see them, and it helps them understand what's going on better.

When Connor watches what's going on in the mirror, it helps him process better the sensations he's feeling and the noises he's hearing as his hair is being cut, for instance.

I also use the TV as a tool for Connor - we always play his DVDs with the subtitles to help him with reading, for instance.

The more visual things he's exposed to, the better he can process his world.


keeka said...

Man, are you ever a smart mommy! I would have had a haircut if I would have been there! Ok, 20 cuts, you're done! Oh but wait I need three more cuts! No way you said 20 thats it!


keeka said...

ok, I meant to say, I would have had HALF a haircut if it would have been me!

Sheesh, my old brain is poopin' out on me....must be all those 4 year olds I deal with at school, they are sucking out all of the intellect!