Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pop Stars

Last month, there was a Pop Star event put on by one of the older girl scouts. Amanda & Diana went to help.

In the first photo, they are leading songs before the event got going. The other girl is Amanda's sister, Whitney.

There were different stations to do things like get make up done, play with costumes, watch movies and sing Karaoke. Diana manned the Karaoke station with me.

A while back, our council bought a Karaoke machine for about $50.00, I think. Leaders can rent it out to their troops for a $10 fee, or donation of a new Karaoke disc. Most choose to add to the Karaoke library that accompanies the machine. When it gets back to me, Connor helps me check it out and make sure it's all working again.

We were using a list so everyone could have a chance to sing that wanted to, but by the end of the evening, we had to stop taking names, and we just let anyone who wanted to join in with the people whose songs we were still able to play.

I think it was a popular station for the Pop Star event!


Anonymous said...

so uh no offense it looked ther edone thing i wont miss glad they helped! love nae..p.s. it was great the last thing we went to when we decided to have a toilet paper fight....i dont know where the heck the tp came from but i loved it...that is when lindie, diana and i became best friends...

Anonymous said...

IT was BORING!!! You should have heard the singing, WOW!!! It was pretty much.... horrible, but the girls had fun that is all that matters. Love amanda.. P.S. Hey nae, did you hear Diana and I are going to start our own troop next year? It is going to be a GOOD TIME!!!