Saturday, February 02, 2008

Life Change Again

If you checked Lee's blog in the last few days, you'll know that he was let go from his job on Thursday. It came as a shock - all he'd heard was how great things were going and how they were going to continue to expand. There had been a little something a couple of weeks ago when there was a big meeting about how the company was doing, but the owners had come out of that very happy - "giddy" was the term Lee used.

That's what makes me think this was their plan from the start. They only needed him about 6 months to set up the new building - after that, it was done. I'm thinking now, it's better he's out of there if this is how these people run a business. The guy that was working with Lee on IT stuff was already overwhelmed, and now he'll have to do both jobs. This might just blow up in their faces.

Lee has had a rough few days. It's pretty damn depressing. He's not one to want to talk about it once it's done though. He wants to move on.

I've always been kind of a long-term planner. I like to think ahead and consider best & worst case scenarios. I figure in my mind, that'll help me be prepared one way or the other. And I do tend to be pretty prepared - ask my Girl Scouts :)

We're okay for a while - they did give him a little severance pay, and I'm the one carrying health insurance. My income isn't as much as Lee's was, but with unemployment benefits, it will keep us going.

I don't mind telling people he's looking for a job - maybe someone knows about a position opening where he can apply. Maybe it will be better than where he was. If not, it will work until he does find something better.

Oh - if you had Lee's cell phone number - delete it. That was from the company.

In the worst case scenario: We come camping for an extended time in your backyard... At least I have all the gear.

Best case: Not sure yet - send prayer & positive thoughts and I'll let you know when it happens!


princess slea said...

it's really scary being presented with that uncertainty. It's not too great on a man's (or woman's) self esteem to be let go from a job (no matter the reason).

I totally believe though that things happen the way they are supposed to. Blah blah blah...closing window. I hate to be cliche but there is truth to it.

Good luck to Lee and to your family through this uncomfortable time.

flyingvan said...

You don't really need to worry. Hard working smart people are an increasingly rare commodity. What's the longest Lee's every been out of work? 20 minutes?

Rocky said...

Should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway (my superhero name *IS* Captain Obvious, afterall). You guys need ANYTHING up to and including using our backyard it's yours as long as you need it.

Myrna said...

I'm so thankful my brother has you Tina! Your love, support, & respect of him---facing the challenge with a positive outlook is perfect! (I know that is just who you are :-)
We're with you all in best wishes and prayers, expecting a good outcome.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Yow! I just saw this. Bummer but boy I can relate. I surrounded myself with good people and things don't look near as gloomy. Just different.

Not sure if I will be of any help from down here but will keep ears open.