Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Final Booth Sale!

That's it for me! Whether Diana decides to do a troop as an adult is up to her, but I have fulfilled my Leader duties as of this morning from 10:00 to noon!
Sitting there with Amanda, her mom, Molly, and Diana, you wouldn't believe how many people came up and said, "Where are the girls?" We made Diana & Amanda turn around to show their vests, but I wonder how many people that didn't ask went by thinking there were no Girl Scouts at our booth! Oh well!
At the end, we only had the Samoas and Sugar Free Chocolate Chip cookies left. Amanda was getting ticked though. We finally had Sugar Free cookies, and the people who use their Diabetes as the reason they can't get cookies STILL wouldn't buy them! We had the same 3 boxes for two booths, and only sold one today. They weren't low-calorie, just sugar free.
Someone gave us a donation of $4.00 (cost of a box) and so the girls had to open a box of Tagalongs. It's always the same kind with these guys. Good think I get my own Samoas! We have only 7 boxes left, but 5 of those I need to trade for Trefoils & Lemon Cremes which were preordered. Between the preorder & when cookies came, Diana got more orders so we wound up short on those. I probably could have managed another case of both, but I really hate to push it. I really, really didn't want to have to do another booth. Typically, I can find another troop willing to trade a few boxes here & there anyway. In the beginning of March I'm able to get boxes instead of cases, and I can always fill up the rest of the orders that way.
I'm just really glad I don't have to sit in front of stores with cookies anymore! Wheee! (8 years is enough!) On the other hand, hearing Diana & Amanda talking in unison from so many years of doing this together was pretty funny. They got more reaction from that than anything else! It went like this:
D&A: "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"
Answer: "No thanks (or other No answer)"
D&A: "Thanks anyway!"
Answer: "I already bought some."
D&A: "Thanks for supporting Girl Scouts!"
Answer: "How much are they?"
D&A: "Four dollars a box!"
They had a unison answer no matter what the question was. Then the people would say, "Wow, you must have been doing this for a long time!" or "In unison!" Then the girls might break from the unison to say Amanda was a 13-year scout, and Diana was an 11-year scout. People were impressed with that too. :)


Anonymous said...

omgh the very last sale? i wish i could have been there!!!!! tina....i am gonna miss the 4 person unison sale....all of us doing it in unison and than when the alarm went off mary and diana would yell, high five and repeat its really nae

Tina said...


You girls are all grown up...

Btw, Amanda has already said she wants to run a Daisy troop next year. Diana will prolly help her.

keeka said...

well, you are out of it now except to buy from Kaleigh next year! Yay, you can be on my end. But I certainly won't be on yours! Teaching is enough "other kid" activity for me! Thanks for all the cookies over the years!

Rocky said...

It's the end of an era :sniff: What a minute...cookies are IN?????? Diana DID get the email with our order er, request.

Anyway congrats for a job well done.

- Rob said...

I get home on Friday just in time to stand booth duty for both of my girls scouts. We have a ways to go before I can call "done". Congrats on reaching that point!

Don't forget that we are supposed to do a "Samoa" vs. "Caramel Delights" taste test in August. Personally, I expect the Samoas to still win for me, but the girls are claiming that the "Caramel Delight" recipe is an improvement.

flyingvan said...

I'm out of the loop on this one. In out podunk town we joined GS, and the only activity was the cookie sale, and one meeting with a gaggle of rude kids dropped off by parents we didn't know. So, we started 'Crafts and Manners'. The bylaws were, EVERY parent hosts a meeting on rotation, and no money changes hands. The focus was learning good manners (with an award every time) and crafts. Lots of etiquette issues. There was always a 'what would you do in this situation' discussion as well.

Anonymous said...


any newnews? i get bored at work and need some entertainment here.... love nae

Anonymous said...

p.s. you need to let your husband know that i cant add a comment on his space unless he puts an annonymous option on kinda sucks because i cant sign up for a google blog...due to the restraints here...anyway far from subject...i love you and nae