Friday, February 22, 2008

Canadian Flag

Last week, the fifth graders from my school visited the local VA hospital to sing patriotic songs to the veterans. It was pretty cool. I was there to assist the student from my classroom, and got a little extra tour finding all the wheelchair ramps :)

While we were going through the rehab center, there was a bunch of information posted on a white board, including, "On this day in 1965, Canada adopted the Maple Leaf flag."

I'm thinking - hang on, I was still living there in 1965. What did the flag before this one look like?

Well, there was a period of time where they flew the British Union Jack, and/or the Canadian Ensign flag.

The Canadian Ensign flag actually looks a bit familiar to me.

This all happened because of the The Great Flag Debate in 1964 when a new Prime Minister was elected.

Out of all that came our Maple Leaf flag. I'm glad they picked it - I've always really liked it!


keeka said...

wow. Interesting tidbit of Canadian history. cool.
I didn't know they had any other one either. Thanks for sharing!

keeka said...

now can you tell me what cartoon character said "goobalee?" Or was that something we made up?

Tina said...

Goobalee was the baby in Gumby.

That's what it said, so that's what they called it. Gumby had to babysit it.