Monday, February 18, 2008


I don't have a Costco card anymore. The closest one to us right now is an hour away in Eugene, and we just didn't get there often enough to warrant the membership.

However there are people I work with that do get up to Eugene more frequently. Costco has a great price on Nutella. It's like $8.00 for two large jars. If I try to get it in the grocery store, it's almost $4.00 for one small jar - probably a third of the side of as the large one.

Connor decided recently that he likes Nutella sandwiches. He didn't want PB&J (probably got sick of it), but now we don't have a sandwich for him if we run out of Nutella. So I asked the ladies at work to get me some the next time they go to Costco.

This last weekend, two of my co-workers went there. They both decided to get me two packages of two, so I wouldn't run out so fast again. So now I have EIGHT. LOL


keeka said...

wow, that is A LOT of Nutella. My kids have not really noticed the greatness of it yet. They do like it on the mini cinnamon rolls I make with the pillsbury crescent rolls, so it begins...

Anonymous said...


Lee said...

Nae loves capital letters...

Marybo said...

give me one.
i havent had it 12896373451346138246183964 days.
long story short:
i need it.
tonight tina.


Anonymous said...

DUDE!!! Nutella is the best in the WORLD!!! I love it! And I think at the next sleep over we should have pancakes with NUTELLA!!
Love Always,