Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another Assimilation

My little sister has joined the Blogging Community!

<-- here she is as "Miss Idaho Potato."

Anyone that knows us personally and remembers us talking in stereo will realize she and I are able to talk (type) for decent lengths of time. Hopefully, most of the time, our audience is interested in what we have to say.. :P

In any case, I'm happy to be able to see photos of her kiddles & hear more about her day-to-day than what I usually get on the phone (we like to call each other to "vent" sometimes - its a sister thing).

So - go check out Keeka!!! in the Link list!




keeka said...

Hey I think my wig was a bit askew!
Ugh, what a hideous photo!

Tina said...

Hey - at least you weren't a "biker chick" like me!!

The crown was crooked on purpose anyway. I thought it was cute!

Tina said...

Oh - btw - that was my belt from a previous costume... Vonnie wore it at one point too.