Thursday, August 05, 2010

Little River Band concert

Last night I went to the fair for the concert.

They were doing $2.00 admission from 10:00 to 1:00, and I intended to put down a blanket to save a spot on the grass anyway, so that's what I did.  The hand stamp allowed me to get back in for the evening concert (when admission was $9.00).

I went with my friend, Rose, who likes to do the concerts in the park with me too.  This year they started doing opening acts.  They do a few songs before the concert, and then they move to a different stage after the concert.

The Little River Band came on about 7:30.  They were a mix of younger and older guys.  I don't know the band well enough to recognize any members, but I did recognize and sing along to about eight songs they played.  They started with "Take It Easy On Me" and played Cool Change, Reminiscing, Night Owls, Lady (let me take a look at you now), and ended with "Lonesome Loser."  Lots of fun & they had a good sense of humor too.  "We're going to play our latest hit for you now.... from 1983..."  hee.

I looked them up on Wikipedia after I got home (because I like to do that) and discovered the guys I saw in concert are like the fifth incarnation of the band.  The actual original members still perform, but they lost the rights to their band's name!  Little River Band

Some of the guys I saw were involved with some of the hits, but only a few.  They were still very good and a lot of fun!

After the show, there was also an exhibition on a different stage (on the way back to the fair bus) with Chinese Acrobats.  They were pretty awesome :)  I hope they are still there on Saturday so the kids can see them after we do the Billy Idol concert!!  Acrobats of Hebei, China

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