Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to comfort Connor

This morning, Connor had a bit of a cough.  He's a little congested, and I don't know if it's allergies or a cold.  He can get a little hyped up when he's not feeling great, so I asked him if he wanted to stay home this morning with Diana, or come to church.  Twice he answered, "Go to church."

Anyway - Connor had been pretty good all through Mass.  Our church uses communal chalices for receiving the Blood of Christ.  Even though it's alcohol and they wipe the surfaces which come into contact with everyone, I still don't like to have us take it if we're sick.  You still get the Body of Christ anyway - it's not necessary to take both, we just prefer to do it that way.

So Connor watched us all drink and stood aside like I'd asked him to do, and then patiently got into his spot in our pew.  Then he started to cry.  Not really loud or anything, just whimpering and wiping his eyes a lot.  Diana tried to calm him down and so did I.  I asked why he was sad, and he answered, "No Blood of Christ for Connor."  So I asked if he wanted to get some root beer instead.

Connor hadn't yet been to visit Lee at work, and I'd noticed they had a 24-case of Thomas Kemper root beer there.  So I told Connor after church, we'd go visit Daddy and get a BIG box of bottles of root beer.

He was able to calm himself and smile again, and we made it through the rest of Mass just fine.

I'm not sure how he liked Costco.  He liked seeing his dad & giving him a hug.  He also liked looking at the big TV's.  He wasn't so interested in the samples, surprisingly.  He liked the big refrigerated cooler though.  The only sample he really liked were the fruit snacks, which I wasn't sure he'd care for anyway.  Since he did, I got some for his school lunches & picnic snacking :)  He was ready to go though, once we put the case of root beer in the cart.

Hopefully next week he'll be fine again and he'll get both Body & Blood of Christ again :)

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