Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It got me!

Well, that's the first time in 15 years up here that that's ever happened.  When the weather is warm, we drive around town with the windows down most of the time.  We'll use the A/C if it gets really hot out, but we usually only have a week or so of the really hot weather.  The rest of the summer is mostly 85-92 degree range.

So just before we reach our house, maybe a two houses down, a wasp ends up in my shirt!  I feel it buzz, and then bite my chest on the sternum - I look down the front, see a wasp, and immediately flip up my shirt to get it the heck out of there!  That's what I get for wearing a loose t-shirt instead of the current fashion of snug!

Anyway, Lee was driving, and slowed down enough to wave at the wasp when it flew up a bit, and it first went up into my bangs (I scream again) and then out the window.

We got into the driveway, out of the car and I went straight for the medicine cabinet, while Lee went online to tell me the best things to use to treat a wasp bite or sting.  First I took an anti-histamine, to reduce swelling.

I swabbed down the area with bactine, and he got a paper towel and put vinegar on it - apparently the acid in vinegar or lemon juice neutralizes the venom.  Then he got a cold pack and put that on top of the paper towel.  I held it there a good 20 minutes, and then put cortisone cream on the area.

By the time I went to bed last night, there was no evidence of a bite or sting.  It only hurt until it got frozen, and then I didn't feel anything there at all.

The photo above is the only way I like wasps.  On a board with a big pin thru them!  Ugh!

As for the neighbors & me flashing them - at least I was wearing my new VS bra!

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keeka said...

Ugh!!! Ick ick ick!

I have now gotten stung by a bee...once. And that was without any screaming because I didn't even know it was in the car!

Funny thing is we have a few wasps nests in the backyard, but they usually leave us alone so I am still more scared of bees than wasps. Sorry you had to go thru that!