Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting excited for Hockey!

A friend from my old neighborhood is now a friend on Facebook.  She is a really, really big Anaheim Ducks fan.   She's met all the players and attends the muckity-muck events.  I never knew she was such a hockey fan.  Her whole family is way into hockey & the Ducks.

She posted her excitement about Teemu Selanne signing with the Ducks again (we all thought he was going to retire for sure), and that there are talks that Paul Kariya (my favorite player) might come back to Anaheim.  Teemu & Paul played extremely well together, but the Ducks didn't do great, so they moved on to other teams.

They were able to stick together in the beginning, but eventually different teams called on them and they split.  Teemu wound up back at the Ducks, and was with them when they won the Stanley cup in 2007.

With the new season coming up and free agents being signed, Paul is once more available.  I really hope he decides to join up with the Ducks again.  He has a big fan base with the people he started his NHL career who really want to see him come 'home' again.  His career has been okay, but not near the potential and promise he showed in the Ducks.

If he does sign, I'm going to have to look into either getting a hockey package on our DirecTV or else figuring out which sports bar around town will let me watch Ducks that aren't playing football :P  Between drinks & appetizers, it's probably less expensive to just get the satellite package, huh?  :)

Yay Hockey!!

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keeka said...

I don't know if Cole will have the same opportunity that Kaleigh had to go to the Honda Center and see the Ducks, but we will send stuff if we does! I think it might have been in third grade that she went so it might not happen for Cole this year.
Oh well, we will see what happens.